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How would you describe the feelings of anger, sadness or disappointment? No doubt you agree that each of those emotions has a different feeling. This is because every emotion carries its own unique energetic frequency or vibration, e.g., fear feels different from anger which in turn feels different from joy and so on. Did you know that the feelings you get from different emotions can be stored energetically in your body and can be triggered or activated when faced with a similar or same emotion? This explains why certain sounds, smells, words or actions can take us back in time or evoke involuntary/unconscious responses. For example, the last time you felt fear you froze, so this is how you will react now that you are feeling afraid again. Your unconscious mind is unable to see any differences that might be causing the emotion, it just knows; freeze when afraid.

Alternative Healing can help to Neutralize your Triggers

Your unconscious mind caused you to react in the way you felt when the emotion was initially stored (a stored emotion is triggered or activated) in your body and in most cases you are powerless in preventing the reaction. Because the unconscious mind is incapable of reason, it sees life’s experiences in only black or white. It is said that the unconscious mind is the driving force behind 90% of the things we. This unconscious reaction to fear could cause you to choke in one of the biggest moments of your life causing you to miss out on a once in lifetime opportunity. In the same way, your unconscious reactions to emotions you feel on a daily basis could be the source of things like; unhappy marriages, financial instability, insecurities and pretty much anything you’re struggling with in your life right now. Alternative healing can help to neutralize your triggers, helping you to let go of old patterns and behaviors. The transformed energies will positively influence the way you view life thereby opening the way for you to begin creating positive life experiences.

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If you are interested in booking a session with Fyonna, a gifted and knowledgeable alternative healing therapist at A Wellthy You, simply use our online contact form via our website or give us a call at 1-877- Wellthy (935-5849). We offer “In Studio” sessions for alternative healing in our Boston, MA area based studio, as well as remote alternative healing sessions, which can be done over the phone. Let us know what your goals are and which type of session will work best for you. We can answer any questions that you might have about alternative healing and the natural health therapies offered at our location in Needham, MA which relies on the power of special micro-crystals for physical and spiritual healing. Call today and get on the positive path toward releasing stored negative energy to manifest the goals that you have for your life.

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