Root Chakra Healing-Balancing the Root Chakra


Red helps with Root Chakra Healing-Balancing.

How can Root Chakra Healing-Balancing Help you?

How can Root Chakra Healing-Balancing help you? Located at the base of your spine, the root chakra is linked to the element of earth. Also, your Root Chakra is affected by your relationship with your mother and it connects you to mother earth. Moreover, it is linked with the parts of your consciousness worried about security, survival and trust. For most people, this relates to their worries with money, home, and job.

Ideally, the root chakra forms your foundation; your physical identity and is focused on survival. Root Chakra Healing-Balancing helps you feel secure and present in the here and now. Further, it helps you feel in good health and connected with your physical body. In addition, it grounds your energy into your physical body, giving you fortitude and aiding in survival. Hence, Root Chakra Healing-Balancing brings health, prosperity, security, and dynamic presence.

Root Chakra Healing-Balancing and your Basic Needs

When someone feels separated from their mother, or does not feel loved by her, they cut off their roots. They lose their sense of belonging and are not capable of providing for their basic needs. Thus, they become blocked at the level of the Root Chakra. When there is imbalance in the root chakra, it is experienced as anxiety; more tension is experienced as fear. As a result, extreme fear is felt as terror, or a threat to your survival. This imbalance prolongs a cycle that affects your survival instincts. In the end, your sense of grounding and ability to provide for yourself financially and otherwise is affected. Root Chakra Healing-Balancing helps you provide for your basic needs.

Suggestions for Root Chakra Healing-Balancing

The colors for the root chakra are red, black and brown. To help activate this chakra, use red candles, clothes or lights. Use red sparingly as it can also strengthen anger if it is present. Read the post How to Clear a Blocked Root Chakra for DIY tips for Root chakra healing-balancing.

Root Chakra Healing-Balancing at A Wellthy You

Are you interested in booking a Root chakra healing-balancing session with Fyonna at A Wellthy You? Simply use our online contact form via this website or give her a call at 1-877-Wellthy (935-5849). She offers “In Studio” sessions for Energy Healing in her Boston, MA area based studio. She also offers distance Energy Healing sessions which are done over the phone. Let her know what your goals are and which type of session will work best for you. She will answer any questions that you might have about Root Chakra Healing-Balancing. Call today! Get on the positive path toward releasing stored negative energy to manifest the goals that you have for your life.

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