Book a Muscle Testing Session

Book a Muscle Testing Session
Muscle Testing is possible because of the communication in our central nervous system which is made up of our brain (conscious & unconscious levels), spinal cord, and all the nerves of the body.
The spinal cord transports information to and from the brain and the nerves transports messages to and from the body so the brain can interpret them and act.

The brain is control central and the unconscious mind runs the show, controlling everything we do, breathing, walking, thinking, feeling etc., all our reflexes. Having documented everything we have ever; learned, read, seen, done etc., the unconscious mind has created a database that projects stored information into our conscious mind, determining how we react when actions need to be taken.

During muscle testing you will be asked questions with only a “yes” or “no” answers while pressure is being exerted on a muscle. A muscle’s ability to strengthen or weaken while being muscle tested is simply a reflex. An action that is involuntary or automatic. Your body's reaction in response to signals being sent back and forth in our central nervous system — without you having to think about it. Like the way your leg kicks when the doctor taps our knee with that little rubber hammer. You don't decide to kick your leg, it just kicks. This tap stretches the tendon and the muscle in the thigh that connects to it. A message then gets sent to the spinal cord that the muscle has been stretched. The spinal cord very quickly sends a message back to the muscle telling it what to do.

A similar process happens in muscle testing. Your unconscious mind with its vast database quickly sends message back and forth through the central nervous system telling the muscle being tested what to do to accurately answer the question. If the muscle stands up to the pressure, it’s considered “strong” or “locked” and the answer to the question is “yes”. If the muscle succumbs to the pressure it is considered “weak” or “unlocked” and the answer to the question is “no”. There are many ways of Muscle Testing, and it can be done remotely through surrogacy or talking to you remotely while you test the responses on yourself. Learning to muscle test yourself is very easy and there are many articles online that can teach you how.

It’s has been amazing journey for me. I was living in NY before I met Fiona. My job required me to moved to Boston. I used to see my reiki master, therapist and my other doctor for muscle testing. But when I met Fiona she was the one person I need. My goal is to naturally heal my body and to acknowledge the guidance that the universe have for me. I am now learning to acknowledge many things that my body tell me and getting many clear messages from the universe. Many things have been happening to me that unexpected and only an amazing ways. Every day I look forward for new amazing news. Thank you Fiona and I definitely going to keep continuing my session with Fiona at least monthly to keep myself in tune with everything around me. ❤😇 – Saowalack Pongsuvan

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Book a Muscle Testing Session

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