Chakra Healing Sessions

Chakra Healing Sessions

Our Chakra Healing Session is like “spring clean for your nervous system”. It’s an all-inclusive grouping and releasing of negative emotions/energies you have been carrying around for years. Negative emotions
sometimes group together to form; mental obstacles, emotional baggage, limiting beliefs etc. that all vibrate at frequencies that jam up our chakras.

A Wellthy You™ Chakra Healing Sessions are a proprietary approach to clearing trapped energies from the body. Our protocol is extremely effective because it allows us to group “like energies” together and target multiple energy frequencies at once. This dragnet method results in large quantities of energies being released in one session. Remarkably, a single Chakra Healing Session at A Wellthy You™, produces rapid lasting results enabling you to experience the cumulative benefits of many years of traditional therapy – in just one (1) hour!

The deepest and most sustainable way to effect changes in all aspects of your life is to work at all levels of human existence. Each Chakra Healing Session uses Muscle Testing to communicate with your unconscious mind, the store house of all your experience and life lessons. First, the status of your seven (7) Chakras is assessed. Then, through Muscle Testing, your body will identify the priority chakra to be cleared for each session. I continue with Muscle Testing to gather information from your unconscious mind to identify various types of traumas, phobias, limiting beliefs, conflicts of parts etc. (aka damage patterns) that are stored in parts of your body associated with the priority chakra. Next, the damage patterns are released using various Energy Psychology techniques.

Finally, I ask the body for “learnings” that the unconscious mind would like you to become consciously aware of. Each learning is checked for total congruency and further energies are released if incongruencies are found. These learnings are the key to effecting sustainable positive changes in your life. By eliciting “learnings”, information from the subconscious mind is projected into the conscious mind where it can be examined rationally. These learnings provide invaluable insight to negative internal messages we have been held captive to. This insight now creates dramatic energy shifts that induces a sense of mental, physical, and emotional oneness. You will find your view of life, yourself and the world changing for the better. You will find it much easier to stop behaviors that no longer serve your best interest and highest good. You will no longer unconsciously limit yourself thereby experiencing more fulfilment in all areas of your life.

I was struggling intensely when a dear friend, mentioned Fyonna to me. By this point, I had tried just about everything including numerous forms of energy healing. Seeing Fyonna was different. After the first session, where she cleared out anger and sadness and worked on my crown chakra, I felt grounded. I rarely ever feel grounded. I thought it was simply my nature to be spacy. After the session, I felt like I belonged on this earth. I felt a sense of ease that I almost never feel. When I told my therapist how I felt, she said to me, this is the healing you have been waiting for.  She has told me how different I am, and so much more able to take care of myself. – S. F.

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If not now, when? Get on the positive path to redesigning your life.

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Chakra Balancing Integrative Sessions facilitates change that heals your past, empowers you in the present enabling you to create a positive future. Subsequently laying the foundation for Mind – Body Integrative Breakthrough Sessions.

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