Release Trauma Now Sessions

Release Trauma Now Sessions
Release Trauma Now Sessions are designed to help you focus on specific areas of your life that you struggle with. These sessions aren’t cookie cutter, and can take various forms, depending on the issue you would like to address.
It could be that you already know what areas of your life you want to make changes in. Or maybe you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what changes need to be made but you just know that you feel stuck.

Either way, a Release Trauma Now Session can help because the work is always guided by your unconscious mind. We use Muscle Testing to communicate with the unconscious mind, the store house of all our experience and life lessons. Hence, the authority on all your damage patterns or emotional baggage that form your model of the world and affects your actions at an unconscious level. This allows us to locate traumas, phobias, limiting beliefs along with any other damage patterns AKA emotional baggage that stands in the way of your desired results. All identified damage patterns are released by applying a simple Energy Psychology technique.

As your emotional baggage gets lighter, your model of the world begins to change, so will your views; of life, yourself, and the world around you. It will become easier to stop behaviors that no longer serve your best interest and highest good. You will no longer unconsciously limit yourself, thereby experiencing more fulfilment and happiness in all areas of your life.

Working at all levels of our consciousness is the best way to sustain changes in our lives. The sessions we offer guide you to challenge your old beliefs and strategies and replace them with new ones that serve you. These breakthrough sessions will help you to have congruence and cooperation between the mental, physical, and emotional levels of your being. Once you have this congruence, or agreement, with all levels of your existence working as a team, you will be empowered to move forward creating positive changes in your life

Fyonna has helped me work out so much negative Self sabotaging- subconscious beliefs and I’m finally making progress and letting go of the past. She has helped me with conflict resolution and healing PTSD issues. I really respond to her muscle testing and I absolutely recommend her to others! – Shannon Lechner

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Each Session generates quick long-term effects allowing you to experience the cumulative gains of many years of conventional therapy – in each session!

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