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Energy Healing on Demand

With energy healing on demand you get...

24/7 Access to real healing because, we believe that your well-being should be “one less thing you have to worry about”.

Why is 24/7 access to Energy Healing such a big deal?

Have you ever heard the saying, “releasing energy is like peeling back layers of an onion”?

Every layer you peel gets you closer to the core.

In energy healing, uncovering, and releasing the core or root cause of an issue, is the only real way to experience lasting relief. Therefore, in most cases clients need 6 or more sessions to get lasting relief on just one issue.

This is often an expensive and drawn-out process for client’s already desperate for relief.

Our Guided Emotional Release Sessions Offer the Perfect Alternative.

Energy Healing on Demand - Why do we need it?

We all take in information through our 5 senses. Everything we have processed through our 5 senses is stored in our unconscious mind. Since birth, we have been storing the sensations of positive and negative emotions. Before we could speak, we learnt to identify the sensations felt from different emotions and react accordingly. For example, feelings or emotions of sadness makes us cry, while feelings or sensations of joy make us laugh. We innately learn the different sensations of our emotions and catalog them before we could even name the sensations we were feeling.

When we experience a series of the same negative charge on any emotion, like a magnetic force it attracts and stacks each occurrence. Too many occurrences of the same negative charge causes the stack to go over threshold. The expression, “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” is the perfect visualization for this process. Subsequently, an emotional damage pattern is formed.

Eventually, emotional damage patterns stack and they also go over threshold creating history traumas or PTSD, they can also stack and go over threshold. Every time a stack goes over threshold it throws up an energetic block. Before we know it, we have perfectly protected root cause energy frequencies that only trained practitioners can unblock, deconstruct, and release. Additionally, we learn how to react to our newly formed emotional damage patterns and history traumas the same way we learnt how to react to the sensations and feeling of our emotions. Because of this, we live from our emotional damage patterns aka emotional baggage and not our conscious thought processes. To get to the core of our emotional baggage we must start peeling from the layer off the blocking parts that were created to protect the root cause frequency.

Energy Healing on Demand - Why is it so effective?

It is impossible to get to the core of a emotional damage pattern without first releasing the blocking part denying access. Our guided energy release sessions use speech that guides your innate intelligence through the steps necessary to find and release blocking parts. Each session is paired with a binaural beat that helps to create new neural pathways within the brain. This flexibility of the brain is called neuroplasticity and it helps us kick old habits and form new ones. This hybrid approach, helps clear your blocking parts easily, enabling your innate intelligence to follow along and easily deconstructing your emotional damage patterns causing them to implode on themselves just like a building would, if you kept taking away parts that made its structure sound. Because you have 24/7 access to the guided energy release session, you’re currently working on, you can deconstruct your damage patterns in no time.

Most energy healing practitioners will let you know that you need 6 to 8 or even more sessions to get to root cause on any given issue and gained lasting relief. With all the traumas that have imprinted in our central nervous system both from our life experience damage and our ancestral life experience damage (genetics) you would need daily appointments with your energy healer to get the fastest results you possibly can. With our technology, you have 24/7 access to real guided energy release sessions relevant to your life’s issues.

The more you listen to a session, the quicker your innate intelligence deconstructs the energetic building blocks of your traumas, phobias, depression, and other emotional damage patterns. Listen to our guided sessions while you do your daily activities. I purchased a headband with speakers so I can listen while I sleep! This has optimized my healing process and made it one less thing I had to worry about. I have made it a part of my daily routine. I have evolved at levels so rapidly and easily I pinch myself sometime. Without conscious effort on your part, you too will get to and release the core of your traumas quickly easily and effortlessly and watch in awe as you raise your energetic vibration and your life changes for the better.

Fyonna is truly an amazing, intuitive healer whose work provides rapid and astonishingly observable results. I could not have been more honored than to test her newest product, the Guided Energy Release Sessions. As an energy healer myself and a licensed therapist, I am floored by the benefits experienced. These guided energy release sessions (GERS) effortlessly cleared energetic patterns previously treated with both Western and Eastern methods. Unlike prior work, my results post-GERS continuously holds and I have not had any rebounding after a balance.

These GERS, fills me with hope that all human-beings will be able to access this caliber of healing, since historically, alternative methods have been inaccessible to the masses due to their high cost and potentially lengthy episode of care. A Wellthy You’s Guided Energy Release Sessions are simple, easy, accessible, affordable, and above all, effective. I am honored to work with her both as her colleague as well as her client.
Kimberly Mueller, LICSW
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