Energy Healing and Quantum Physics


Energy Healing

Energy healing and chakra clearing are being utilized and studied a great deal. Why? Because, energy healing modalities actually help people with all kinds of problems. In the past, these modalities were, and sometimes still are seen as new agey, and superstitious. Quantum physics, however, shows that energy healing has an actual basis in science. The most up to date science of physics, quantum physics, explains that we are all made of energy.

Quantum physics tells us that we are an integral part of the vast invisible field of energy. Therefore, everything is influenced by everything else. Human beings vibrate unique electromagnetic waves. If the energy within us is flowing properly, then we feel good, healthy and happy. On the other hand, stressors, such as the modern hectic lifestyle can block this energy from flowing properly. Then we get sick or emotionally distraught. Emotional stressors can work their way into our bodies. Energy healing can reverse the effects of emotional stressors.

Energy Healing works because we are all Energy Beings

The consciousness we have and the thoughts we think influence our lives tremendously. Our thoughts are directly connected to our energetic and physical body and can impact our health. Did you ever notice that if you think of someone, they may suddenly call? Or, how when you are very negative, more negativity comes your way? Or that if you change your focus to the positive, suddenly things outside you start to change. This is because of our energetic connection to everything around us.

While it appears that everything is separate and individual, in reality all is connected. Although people, animals, plants and material objects appear solid, they are actually made of energy. In fact, all matter is made of energy. That means every supposedly physical being or thing you see is made of energy. All matter is made of atoms and molecules. If you go beyond the level of atoms, you find what is called superstrings, or pure vibrations of energy. The frequency of these subatomic particles determines the kind of matter they form. This fact makes energy healing possible.

Negative Energies can Jam up our Energy Systems

These subatomic particles interact with each other in a manner that eventually form atoms. The atoms then form molecules. The molecules form our cells, and the cells form our bodies. When these energy frequencies are resonant and working properly, we are healthy, well balanced and happy. However, when these frequencies get out of tune, we may get sick or become upset.

A good analogy is with a musical instrument. When properly tuned, the instrument is a wonder to hear and experience. There is nothing like a fine quality instrument, properly tuned, whether a beautiful piano, harmonica, guitar, flute saxophone, steel drums, etc.

On the other hand, if the instrument, no matter how great, is out of tune, it sounds awful. The very same instrument can be inspiring, soaring and amazing. Or it can be discordant and sound terrible. The instrument has not changed, the tuning has. And the quality of the sound and vibration depends on the tuning. The same is true for the human body and energy healing helps you regain balance.

Energy Healing, Balance your Energy, Balance your Life

Music, after all, is made of vibration. And so are we. And we too, can be in, or out of tune. When we are in tune, we are like the most magnificent instrument. And together we can create the most beautiful music, whether jazz, blues, classical, reggae, rap, blue grass, klezmer etc. There is no end to the beautiful music we can make.

And of course, this beauty can be felt in lives well lived, healthy relationships, rewarding work, beautiful artistic creations. On the macro level this beauty can be realized in vibrant communities, magnificent gardens, great schools, wonderful centers of healing, community centers and so on.

When however, we are out of tune, we too feel or sound bad. Certainly, physical methods of healing are needed, like proper nutrition, exercise and rest and seeing our doctor. If, however our energetic components are ignored, we will remain quite out of tune.

Benefits of Energy Healing

That is why it is so critical to pay attention to our energies, and tune into them. Many problems will be solved by keeping our spirits tuned.
Traditional Chinese medicine understood this concept, thousands of years ago. Now, quantum physics confirms that we are indeed made of energy. So, it makes scientific sense that blockages would lead to illness or upset.

Energy healing can send the universal energies to us, to help us heal and overcome blockages and imbalances.

Fyonna, a highly trained mind body energy healer can help to tune you up. She can help you let go of negative energy and allow positive energy to come in. Her clients literally feel this energy healing and see results that transform their lives. They feel their anger, fear, sorrow and trauma leaving. They feel happier lighter and healthier.

So many of her Fyonna’s clients have overcome depression, anger, phobias, fear, feeling stuck and so much more.

What do you have to lose but your anxiety, anger, fear, trauma and sickness?

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