Are You Tired of Feeling

Empty Inside.... Lonely... Broken... Stuck... Unlovable... Helpless... Overwhelmed... Poor... Fearful... Anxious...

We make it quick, easy, and enjoyable for you to start feeling better. You can stream some of the carefully curated Emotional Healing Sessions I used, to help myself and my clients start feeling happy and fulfilled. Please, accept as my gift to you, a Guided Emotional Release Session, “You Are Enough”.

"It is only after we align our conscious awareness with our innate intelligence, that we truly liberate ourselves from all thoughts that limit us".
~Fyonna McKenzie

24/7 Access to Emotional Healing, in 20 Languages

We created a first of it’s kind interactive platform to help you, heal your traumas. You can submit 9 topics/year that are unique to issues you’re facing in your life, and we will add those sessions to our database to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

We Have Helped Others to,

Stop Feeling Like They Are...





What I feel statement makes you feel hopeless?





Each guided session is carefully curated using specific wording and soothing voice tones, paired with healing frequencies and relaxing, calming spa like music. Listen as your negative emotions melt away, while your innate intelligence is guided to release, and let go of all old thought pattens that no longer serve your best interest, and highest good.

Who Can Benefit?

Our Brains...

talk to our bodies through chemical and electrical signals. Each signal controls different processes. Our brains inherently interprets all signals, including nerve relay signals of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Our Central Nervous System...

relies on billions of nerve cells to send and receive signals along dendrites and axons establishing  communication between our brains and our bodies.

Our Bodies...

Every bit of information we’ve ever taken in through our 5 senses is available for recall through this communication process therefore, everyone with this communication system can benefit from our sessions.

Here Are Some Benefits Our Clients Have Reported

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Now it's your turn to feel happy too. Unlock Your Happy Today!

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Happy Plan

$ 35 Individual Plan
  • 5 Guided Sessions/Month
  • 9 Sessions of Your Choice Gets added to database/year
  • Heal Anywhere Anytime

Happier Plan

$ 75 Family Plan
  • 12 Guided Sessions/Month
  • 9 Sessions of Your Choice Gets added to database/year
  • Heal Anywhere Anytime

Happiest Plan

$ 125 Limitless Plan
  • Full Access To All Sessions
  • 12 Personalized Sessions/year Added Privately to Your Account
  • Heal Anywhere Anytime

Personal & Business Coaching

  • Full Access To All Sessions
  • Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly Check In
  • Muscle Testing
  • Sessions Personalized Based on Check In & Muscle Testing & Added Privately to Your Account
  • Heal Anywhere Anytime
"If you are not living the life you've always envisioned for yourself, then whose life are you living?".
~Fyonna McKenzie

Benefits of Emotional Release

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