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Stop Struggling and Start Living your Happiest Life!

We are here to help everyone who wishes to stop struggling and start living a happy fulfilling life. Our aim is to guide all who are interested, to access and activate their innate abilities to selfheal.

When we realize it’s possible to begin the process of restoring ourselves to our original healthy blueprint, we liberate ourselves to endless possibilities!

"The only impossible, is that which is physically impossible".
~Fyonna McKenzie
Our Vision is to empower people on a global level, to embark on and successfully journey to mental, emotional, physical, and personal growth and wellbeing. Thereby, creating abundance in all areas of their lives’.

Our definition of Wellthy:

well-th·y [‘welThē] Adjective:
  1.  The state of wellbeing derived from being healthy happy and balanced.
    “An improvement in your wellbeing and health.”
    Synonyms: good for one’s welfare · health · happiness · comfort · security · prosperity · success
    • Indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health and abundance in all areas of our lives’.

We call ourselves A Wellthy You™ because we believe that to truly experience abundance in all areas of our lives we need to be balanced (feel a sense of wellbeing) and healthy. This is impossible to attain if we have the lingering effect of traumas, phobias, anxiety, and other life experience damage AKA emotional baggage, constantly plaguing us. The world we live in today can be likened to a war zone. Every day we are bombarded with negative internal messages, toxic external messages, natural disasters, mean people, etc. that perpetually activates our fight, flight, freeze response and we constantly go over threshold inducing a state of perpetual reactiveness, PTSD.

Our goal? Is to bring global awareness to the simple truth, that our existence does not have to be a daily struggle. We are all built the same way, if one person can accomplish something then so can you! You just don’t believe it yet! Yes, you too can stop struggling and start living.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.
~Henry Ford

The energy behind a belief is stronger than conscious thought. We feel what we believe stronger than what is true and therefore our beliefs dictate our outcomes. How does one change their limiting beliefs? You might ask. Well, by letting go of the feeling associated with the belief. Our life experiences are the lenses that we view life through. By releasing the negative emotional charge on our life experience damage AKA emotional baggage, we start to change or world view.

We are positioning ourselves as one of your resources and as your guide in supporting you on your quest to upgrading your life. We will equip you with proven tools and techniques to stop the constant emotional struggles you deal with daily.

Our aim is to make the ability to selfheal available globally by providing a platform that is easily accessible to all who wants to and choses to heal, E.V.O.L.V.E., grow and liberate their full potential. We guide you through education, one on one sessions, and Guided Energy Release Recordings.

Our Values

E. V. O. L. V. E.

  • Empowerment
  • Versatility
  • Open mindedness
  • Love
  • Visionary
  • Enlightenment

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Our Impact

We Focus on Empowering People to:

  • Grow
  • Expand their awareness
  • Achieve energetic congruence
  • Believe in themselves
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