Stop Struggling, Start Feeling Happy and Fulfilled!

I believe that in order to liberate yourself from limiting thoughts, you first have to align your conscious awareness with your innate intelligence.
If you are struggling from the effects of trauma, I would love to help you feel better. My aim is to guide all who are interested, to access and activate their innate abilities to selfheal.
"We, are intelligent life forms. We, can be all things we need to be and everything we choose to become".
~Fyonna McKenzie

Hi, I’m Fyonna and I am the founder of A Wellthy You™, LLC. My path to true self-discovery and healing began a few weeks after “the light of my life” my daughter was born. As I held her in my arms looking down at her sleeping face, I felt a feeling no mother should feel while looking adoringly at her newborn. I started to feel desperation, anxiety, fear, and dread. These emotions were all at a level that left me feeling paralyzed. As I clung to her desperately, I realized that a childhood trauma I had disassociated from to survive, had just exploded in me like shrapnel. I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into a pit that had no bottom in sight. I had innately disassociated from that trauma for so long to stop it from frying my nervous system, I wasn’t about to allow it to get fried now, not when I had a precious gift, a life I was now responsible for, sleeping peacefully in my arms. That moment became the GPS for every decision I made going forward.

My path to healing took years, but I never faltered, I stayed the course because my motivation is my daughter. I want to be the best mother I can possibly be to her. We inevitably pass our damage on to our kids. It’s impossible not to, but, the less of my damage I pass on to her, the more of a fighting chance she has. When we are energetically clean our children are the ones who benefit the most.

So, I dedicate this site to my daughter, she is my motivation to become the best version on myself, (an endeavor still in progress) 😊 and to all the children out there and all the children to come, because I believe our children are our most precious gifts, and we should do everything within our power to secure the best future we can for them.

To the light of my life, who shone her light in my bottomless pit, showing me the way out. Mommy loves you sweetheart. 😘💕

My definition of Wellthy:

well-th·y [‘welThē] Adjective:
  1.  The state of wellbeing derived from feeling healthy, happy, and balanced.
    “An improvement in your wellbeing and health.”
    Synonyms: good for one’s welfare · health · happiness · comfort · security · prosperity · success
    • Indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health and abundance in all areas of our lives’.

We call ourselves A Wellthy You™ because, we believe that to truly experience abundance in all areas of our lives we need to feel balanced (feel a sense of wellbeing) and healthy. With the lingering effect of traumas, phobias, anxiety, and other life experience damage AKA emotional baggage, constantly plaguing us, it can feel impossible to attain a sense of wellbeing. The world we live in today can be likened to a war zone. Every day we are bombarded with negative internal messages, toxic external messages, natural disasters, mean people, etc. that perpetually activates our fight, flight, freeze response and we constantly go over threshold inducing a state of perpetual reactiveness, PTSD.

My goal? Bring global awareness to the simple truth, that our existence does not have to be a  daily struggle. We are all built the same way, if one person can accomplish something, then so can you. You just don’t believe you can. Yes, you too can stop struggling and start living a happy fulfilled life.

"In order to truly believe, one must first let go of doubt".
~Fyonna McKenzie
Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.
~Henry Ford

The energy behind our beliefs are stronger than our conscious thoughts. We feel what we believe stronger than what is true and therefore our beliefs dictate our outcomes. How does one change their limiting beliefs, you might ask? Well, by letting go of energy causing the feeling associated with the belief. Our life experiences are the lenses that we view life through. By releasing the negative emotional charge on our life experience damage AKA emotional baggage, we start to change or world view.

I would like you to view me as your partner, and this site as one of your go-to resources, when you need emotional support on your quest to upgrading your life. I will equip you with proven tools and techniques to stop the constant emotional struggles you deal with daily.

My aim is to make the ability to selfheal available globally by providing a platform that is easily accessible to all who wants to, and choses to heal, E.V.O.L.V.E., grow and liberate their full potential. 

Our partnership can include guidance through Education, Personal Coaching, Business Coaching, and Guided Energy Release Sessions.

I want our content to be relevant to you so, the concept of the platform being interactive was born. What does that mean? It means you get to submit topics that are unique to your life issues. Read our policy on submitting topics.


Our Vision...

we Empower individuals whose Values align with a  healthier more Organic sustainable Lifestyle, bringing to life our shared Vision of an Ecosystem of natural health and sustainability. E.V.O.L.V.E.

Our Mission...

we empower individuals globally, to consciously access and successfully use their innate intelligence to guide them to mental, emotional, and personal… growth and development.

Our Commitment...

to remain a net zero emissions company. Our business model was re-designed specifically to allow us to work remotely therefore, eliminating carbon emissions from us and our clients, to and from a physical location.

Our Values

E. V. O. L. V. E.

  • Empowerment
  • Values
  • Organic
  • Lifestyle
  • Vision
  • Ecosystem

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Our Impact

We Focus on Empowering Individuals:

whose Values align with a  healthier more Organic Lifestyle to bring to life our shared Vision of an Ecosystem of natural health and sustainability.

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