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Have you ever wondered how you innately knew to grow yourself in your mother's womb, and that in nine months, it was time for you to come out?

When your mother’s egg and your father’s sperm sparked your Being, your innate intelligence knew how to form every stage of your development. You even innately knew when it was time for you to come out into this world.

That innate intelligence kept you going until you gained conscious awareness which then became your compass or GPS by which you now live. You have a programed intelligence that innately knows what’s best for you that should be guiding every aspect of your daily life.


Unlock your Happy!

I believe our innate intelligence holds the key to everything we need to live happy, successful fulfilling lives. We often find it difficult to be happy, successful and feel fulfilled because we consciously identify as our emotional damage patterns, for example; I am stupid, I am dumb, I am fat, I am ugly and so on. Who of us came out of the womb identifying as stupid, dumb, fat or ugly? It is our life experience damage also known as our emotional baggage that makes us accept these lies about ourselves. We go even further to sabotage ourselves just to prove to ourselves that our stories, aka the lies we have embodied are true. Why do we do this?

Unlock your Happy - Clear Your Stories

Our stories that we live in are created not only by what we have processed through our five senses, but through what we have accepted as true. Therefore, we filter and sort all information we take in through our senses to make it align with our belief systems. When we believe something is true then this becomes our reality. But what if you could find which of your stories are true and which of them are holding you captive to lies?

Your innate intelligence by definition, knows which of your stories are true and which are lies. By establishing conscious communication with your innate intelligence, you can strip off, let go off and release yourself from mental illusions that creates all the stories that limit you, enabling you to unlock your goals, unlock your dreams, unlock your happy.

We are all intelligent living Beings, we can all be all things we need to be, and everything we choose to become, we just need to clear all our mental illusions standing between us and our stated goals.

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