~ Unlock Your Happy ~

Have you ever wondered how you innately knew to grow yourself in your mother's womb, and that in nine months, it was time for you to come out?

When your mother’s egg and your father’s sperm sparked your Being, your innate intelligence knew how to form every stage of your development. You even innately knew when it was time for you to come out into this world.

That innate intelligence kept you going until you gained conscious awareness which then became your compass or GPS by which you now live. Your conscious awareness at any give time, only has to 10% of the information on any given life experience. The 10% of data is usually faulty.

Unlock Your Happy!

Your programed intelligence on the other hand, knows every bit of data processed by all your 5 sense and therefore has access to the full picture not just parts of your experience. Therefore, your  innate intelligence knows what’s best for you and should still  be guiding every aspect of your daily life.

Your innate intelligence holds the key to everything you need to live a happy, successful fulfilling life. You may find it difficult to feel happy, successful and fulfilled because you consciously identify as your emotional damage patterns, for example; I am stupid, I am dumb, I am fat, I am ugly, I am broke, I am poor, and so on. Who of us came out of the womb identifying as stupid, dumb, fat, ugly, broke or poor? It is your life experience damage that makes you accept these lies as truths. One a lie is accepted as truth it causes unconscious self-sabotage in an attempt to prove to yourself that your stories, aka the lies you’ve accepted are true. Why do you do this? You do this because your emotions are sensations you feel and you unknowingly accept your feelings as reality. For example, when you feel sad your unconscious internal dialog says: I feel sad therefore I must be sad, yep, I am sad. You unconsciously identify with our feelings.

"It's only when you activate your innate ability to self heal, that you open yourself to endless possibilities".
~Fyonna McKenzie

Unlock Your Happy - See the Full Picture.

When you identify as a sensation or feeling you begin to filter and sort all information you consciously access to make it align with our feelings, creating a belief systems that is only a version of reality. When you believe something is true, then that belief becomes your reality. But what if you could find which of your beliefs are true and which of them are lies holding you captive to false realities?

Remember, your innate intelligence, the intelligence that grew your physical body in your mothers womb, has direct access to every bit of data in all your life experiences therefore, you innately know which version of your stories are true and which are lies. Do you want to keep living a life run by half truths and lies, a life guided by a version of reality? Imagine, what would your life feel like if you could see the full picture of all your experiences? By establishing conscious communication with your innate intelligence, you can see the full picture of all your experience and then be able to strip off, let go off, and release yourself from mental illusions that creates all the stories that limit you, enabling you to unlock your goals, unlock your dreams, unlock your happy and unlock your life.

Unlock Your Happy - Stop Struggling Today.

You are an intelligent living Being, you can be all things you need to be, and everything you choose to become, all you need do is unlock access to all the information AKA data your innate intelligence has carefully and accurately preserved for you.

Your life does not have to be a constant struggling. It is possible for you to stop struggling with negative feelings, and since it is possible to stop struggling with with negative feelings then, you can stop struggling with negative feeling and that is the only truth there is about that

Guided Emotional Release™ makes it quick, easy, and enjoyable for you to start feeling happy and fulfilled. You, can stream some of the carefully curated Energy Psychology Sessions I used, to access my innate awareness. These sessions made me feel better and they can make you feel better too. Additionally, you can submit requests for sessions addressing the issues you’re struggle with in your life. Each guided session is carefully curated using specific wording and soothing voice tones, paired with binaural beats and relaxing, calming spa like music. Listen as your negative feelings melt away, and your innate intelligence is guided to upgrade all old thought patterns that no longer serve your best interest, and highest good.

Please accept my gift to you, a Guided Energy Release Session entitled, “Activate Your Money Magnetism”.

Our Gift to You! 🎁

Listen to a Free Guided Energy Release Session, “Activate Your Money Magnetism”.

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