Loss of my Son Loss Trauma

Recommended listening time, 14 hours. This session guides your innate intelligence to set and hold the intent to release all the energy frequencies that have imprinted in your existence that make up and belong to the loss trauma you experienced when your son passed away . If you are carrying genetic imprints of these frequencies, they will release as well. You will only be able to listen to this guided session after it has been added to your library.


Expect to release the negative emotional charge on the trauma. The negative emotion charge is that feeling of discomfort that wells up in your body or a specific part of your body when you think about your loved one. After you are done with this session, you will be able to access the feelings of the happy memories you shared together without those feelings being blocked by the overwhelming pain of the trauma. Your happy memories will no longer be overshadowed by the trauma of the loss. You will be able to think about him with positive feelings and freely access the positive memories you once shared.


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