~ How Trauma Affects Your Energy Centers ~

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Heal Your Energy Centers

How Trauma Affects Your Energy Centers

All energetic damage patterns are formed by a stacking together of negative emotions that have gone over threshold. You know these patterns as your emotional baggage, and they cause you to self-sabotage.

Some ways I have self-sabotaged in the past are procrastination, self-doubt, limiting beliefs etc. 

Common self-sabotage issues include alcohol abuse, self-hate, smoking etc. Pretty much all habits you practice that you consciously know aren’t good for you is self-sabotage. How many ways do you self-sabotage?

How Trauma Affects Your Energy Centers (EC-GERS)

An Energy Center Guided Energy Release Session is like “spring clean for your central nervous system”. It’s an all-inclusive grouping together and releasing of energetic damage patterns that are clogging up a particular energy center. Some of these patterns are from your life experience damage and some are from your ancestral live experience damage (ancestral).

The patterns from your life experience damage are the patterns that formed after your conception. Patterns from your ancestral life experience damage are patterns you inherited from your ancestors. You have been carrying around ancestral patterns from birth and you don’t know life without them.

How Trauma Affects Your Energy Centers – These energetic damage patterns caused by trauma, whether they are mental, emotional, or physical, (remember we are all energy beings) all vibrate at frequencies that jam up our energy centers. A Wellthy You™ ES-GERS are a proprietary approach to Energy Psychology that is extremely effective because, it guides your innate intelligence to target multiple damage patterns at once. This dragnet method results in large quantities of energies being released in one session. Remarkably, a single session produces rapid lasting results enabling you to experience the cumulative benefits of many years of traditional therapy – in just one (1) hour of listening time!

The deepest and most sustainable way to effect lasting changes in all aspects of your life is to work at all levels of human consciousness. Our ES-GERS communicate directly with your innate intelligence, the intelligence that sparked when your mom’s egg welcomed your dad’s sperm. This intelligence is what I believe should be the author of our lives. If your innate intelligence had encountered a physical obstacle that prevented it from forming your physical body, you wouldn’t be reading this article. We empathize with our human family who’s children didn’t complete the process. For those of us whose innate intelligence was able to complete the process, we have the privilege to communicate with innate intelligence and ask it to balance the sensations we feel at all other levels of intelligence withing our system, your system, my system, on all your levels, mental emotional and physical. Your innate intelligence identifies various types of traumas, phobias, limiting beliefs, conflicts of parts etc. (aka energetic damage patterns) that are stored in parts of your body associated with the priority energy center being cleared.

As a seasoned therapist, people often ask me to recommend professionals I would use myself. I have and do use Fyonna for energy balancing and chakra work. She has a unique and powerful method which blends several modalities. She is highly skilled and intuitive. My sessions with her have been transformative. She is a trusted friend and colleague whom I highly recommend. This is who the professionals use when they need a hand.
Tracey Cardello,

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How Trauma Affects Your Energy Centers - Balancing Your Vital Organs & Glands

Our in-body energy centers along our spine and in our feet and hands are charged and activated by the rays of sunlight they absorb. Each center oversees energizing vital organs, glands, and nerve centers. We all know that our cells need light to communicate. If our in-body energy centers are blocked with energetic damage patterns, then are our cells getting the vital rays of sunlight they need to communicate and function optimally? Are they?

Have you ever noticed how the colors of the visible light spectrum passes through glass? Picture your energy centers as this piece of glass and welcome and invite the suns’ rays to safely wash through your body and fully penetrate all the fibers of you vital organs and glands, every time you are outdoors. I believe healing and balancing all of your energy centers is one of the quickest and most effective ways to raise your energetic vibrations and achieve mental, emotional and physical balance.

When you are finished listening to an EC-GERS, you will notice you begin to have aha moments more frequently. In Energy Psychology, we call these “learnings” that the unconscious mind would like you to become consciously aware of now that a particular pattern has been released. These learnings are the key to effecting sustainable positive changes in your life. By eliciting “learnings”, information from the subconscious mind is projected into the conscious mind where it can be examined rationally. These learnings provide invaluable insight to negative internal messages we have been held captive to. This insight now creates dramatic energy shifts that induces a sense of mental, physical, and emotional oneness. You will find your view of life, yourself and the world rapidly changing for the better. You will find it much easier to stop behaviors that no longer serve your best interest and highest good. You will no longer unconsciously limit yourself thereby experiencing more feelings fulfilment and happiness in all areas of your life.

Fyonna is amazing! I've only had three sessions so far, but I couldn't be happier with my experience. I'll admit, I was initially apprehensive about doing the work remotely, but that worry is long gone - I am fully immersed in what's happening, even if it's not in person. You'd be doing yourself a favor to work with her - I highly recommend it!
Kay Karolyshyn,

Heal In Your Own Space On Your Own Time

Our Energy Center, Guided Energy Release Sessions facilitate changes that heals your past, empowers you in the present enabling you to create a positive future.

Listening to the series of all 9 sessions is recommended to achieve best results. Some clients have reported having major energy shifts in as little as one day of listen to our guided sessions. I can never say this enough, energy healing is like peeling back layers of an onion, the more you peel, the closer you get to the core. The core energy of an energetic damage pattern is always protect by a blocking part. If you don’t find and release the blocking part you never get to the root cause of your emotional baggage. With 24/7 access to our energy center healing sessions you listen and heal in the comfort and privacy of your own home on your own time, even while you’re asleep (I use a wireless headset that’s designed as a head band for comfort).

So, what are you waiting for,

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