~ Understanding Trauma ~

Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma

Trauma is a negative experience that activates our fight or flight reflex. Essentially, trauma can be looked at as the root of 95% our problems. Each day we are bombarded with life experiences that cause us to kick into survival mode and sometimes stay in survival mode. This constant flow of adrenaline keeps our bodies stressed. When a body is stressed, it stops functioning at its highest level. 

There is good news however, like everything else in this world, trauma is energetic in structure. Thankfully, energy can be transformed from one state to another e.g. water to ice, ice to water.

The work we do at A Wellthy You™ transforms the energy frequencies of the imprints of trauma. In doing so, we are able energetically deconstruct trauma and free our bodies of its negative side effects.

Understanding Trauma

Depression, anxiety, self-hatred, feeling stuck; so many of us know what trauma looks like on the outside. However, have you ever wondered though; what trauma looks like on the inside? Trauma is a multilayered energetic structure of emotional damage patters. It carries more energy than our conscious thought. Because feelings/emotions carry such powerful vibrations, we believe what we feel stronger that what is truth/reality.

Understanding trauma on an energetic level gives us great insight on how it unconsciously run our behaviors. Therefore, by understanding trauma, we can learn to identify its different layers in action in our lives and others.

Trauma goes by many different names: abandonment, neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, bulling, mental abuse, discrimination etc. But really, there are only two different types of traumas. There is Loss Trauma and Violence Trauma. No matter the trauma you experience, you either feel a sense of loss, emptiness, and hollowness inside or you feel that your boundaries were perforated and violated.

Understanding Trauma - Loss and Violence

Loss Trauma: makes you feel dead empty and hollow inside.

Violence Trauma: makes you feel unsafe and open to attack.

The complexity of trauma creates problems in helping yourself and others move on and through it. Some trauma imprint as both Loss Trauma and Violence Trauma at the same time. For example, the loss of a loved one can imprint as both Violence Trauma and Loss Trauma, depending on the circumstances surrounding the loss.

Understanding trauma and helping you work through it, requires that your practitioner knows the exact energetic structure of the trauma being released.

This information is solicited from the unconscious mind by your practitioner using Muscle Testing. Knowing the exact energetic structure of trauma ensures it is deconstructed safely in a way that does not retraumatize you.

The Help You Need Is Just A Click or Tap Away

We all innately know how each of our emotional damage patterns are constructed and how best to deconstruct them. Without your conscious thought process, our guided energy release sessions will prompt your innate intelligence to safely and easily release and let go of traumatic imprints from both yours and your ancestral live experience damage.   

Do not be afraid to get the help you need. The idea that total self-sufficiency is the only valid way to live is something that comes from trauma itself.

With 24/7 access to our guided energy release sessions, help is just a click or tap away. Our sessions will help you identify and release the energetic building blocks of your traumas deconstructing them one layer at a time until they completely implode just as a 3D object would!

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