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Understanding what trauma is and how it imprints at all your levels of existence, will help you to better identify when your speech and actions are coming from a place of trauma. Below you will find articles that will help you better understand trauma and its negative effects.

Trauma Bypasses the Reasonings of the Conscious Mind

Trauma can be defined as an emotional reaction to a disturbing or terrible experience such as loss of a loved one, rape, an accident, natural disaster, or other disturbing event. We usually experience a feeling of shock followed by denial, immediately following a traumatic event. Often, we find ourselves flooded with an onslaught of emotions as we desperately attempt to consciously process trauma. We might ask question like; Could I have done something to prevent this from happening? Is there something I missed that could have changed the outcome? Am I to blame? This constant barrage of emotions takes our minds to places of irrational and exaggerated thoughts. Consequently, causing unconscious activation of our fight, flight, freeze response.

Additionally, anything in the environment at the time our fight, flight, freeze response is activated, becomes linked to the traumatic memory. Essentially, all our triggers have now become a part of the trauma. Subsequently, each time we think about the trauma or encounter a trigger, we experience a “body flashback”. A body flash back takes us to the original memory and reactivates our fight, flight, freeze response. This causes volatile emotional reactions to life events we could have easily coped with. Because of this, many people have difficulty moving on with their lives. Hence, making the effects of the trauma long-lasting. These unstable emotional reactions can cause mental, emotional, and even physical symptoms.

Trauma and Your Emotions

Emotions are energy we can feel and are therefore called feeling. They have more energy than thoughts and therefore influence the way we feel and can runs our behaviors. This makes recovering from trauma a long a tedious road. However, that does not have to be our lot in life. Since emotions are energetic frequencies or sensations felt in the body, they can be accessed and released. We can access them consciously and release them from our bodies instead of just looking for ways to manage them.

Trapped negative emotions from traumas can cause physical illnesses, addictions, and other debilitating reactions and behaviors. The emotional pain from trauma can become intolerable. Many have turn to drugs, alcohol, or some other outlet to numb the pain. While this may seem to provide some temporary relief, it certainly does not eliminate the problem and in most cases cause additional ones. This kind of pain has driven many to contemplate of even attempt suicide. Others have successfully taken their lives, just to escape the unbearable cycle of pain caused by trauma. Yet there are others who might be afraid to let go of a trauma for one reason or the other. They have become resigned to live a life of despair and emotional turmoil.

Trauma – All Isn’t Lost

Fortunately, trauma and its damaging effects can be cleared from our bodies. Trauma has a simple and predictable structure. There are many different techniques or intervention to eliminate traumatic imprints from the body. There are many simple reproducible protocols for healing trauma. Many traumatic experiences can be self-treated while other traumatic experiences are best treated with the help of trained practitioners. Only after cleared a trauma can we ever truly neutralize its fight or flight activation reflex loop and recover from that trauma. Since a phobic reaction is a body reflex and can’t be controlled consciously, we must access and clear the energy frequencies belonging to the trauma at the unconscious level. To get lasting effects, all levels of our existence need to be accessed and cleared in the process of releasing trauma. All that means put simply is that we need to access information from our conscious, unconscious, energetic and physical existence. Let’s look at the different levels of our existence.

Trauma – Clearing the Imprint

Subtle (energetic) body. When your father’s sperm fertilized your mother’s egg, the fusion created a new vibration, a life that is uniquely you. If we didn’t have a physical body in which our consciousness reside, how else would we be able to make a difference in the material plane? For us to have been born, our energy had to become tangible or material by using its programed intelligence to create a physical body.

Physical body. The body starts to form, though it appears physical, at its core is energetic. Our bodies are the physical manifestation of our energetic encoding, without that original pulse it ceases to exist. Without our physical bodies we cannot reproduce,

Unconscious mind. This mind is where all our emotions reside. Our imagination, memory, creativity, and mental images are stored here. It links together pictures, sounds, emotions, tastes, smells, and feelings. The unconscious mind is not literal like the conscious mind. In addition to making associations, it expands meaning and perception.

Conscious mind. Unlike the unconscious mind, the conscious mind can reason. It is very literal.

Trauma & Muscle Testing

The first place to question is your unconscious mind. Remember, when trauma impri nts, we experience irrational thoughts. It’s those irrational thoughts and the feelings they produced that are logged in the body that we need to release to clear the traumatic imprint. Since the unconscious house our emotions, and emotions feed our behaviors because they are felt stronger than conscious thought, we start the work by consciously establishing clear communication with our unconscious minds.

The unconscious mind is said to run 90% of our behavior, the things we say and do. Most people aren’t aware of that and instead identify as their conscious mind, the conscious thought process. Most of the struggles and self-sabotage we deal with is due to damage in our unconscious mind and not some problem with our conscious intelligence. If we want to have any control over our lives, we needed to collaborate with and heal, if necessary, your unconscious mind. When working one on one with clients, I use a technique called Muscle Testing. Muscle testing is based on the same rule as lie detector testing i.e., our bodies will indicate true or false responses to questions. By testing the change in muscle strength on true and false questions, we can get this same data without the costly device.

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